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Pure Nutrition LLC offers both Individual and group class options. 

Initial visits include nutrition assessment and education. 


The consultation is a one-hour visit in which nutrition assessment and goal planning are completed.  Nutrition assessment consists of your medical history, weight history, dietary recall, food preferences, eating habits and physical activity.  We provide nutrition education according to your needs and we will work with you to create an individualized nutrition plan to help you meet your specific goals.

Follow up sessions are recommended for ongoing support and further counseling as needed. The follow up visits are thirty to forty-five minutes and during this time you are provided with support and assessment of your progress.  Further education takes place, which may include changes to your individual nutrition goals as appropriate.  The amount of follow up visits recommended varies for each individual.

Pure Nutrition accepts many insurance plans.  Please contact your insurance provider to verify your eligibility. If your insurance does not cover nutritional counseling, Pure Nutrition does offer discounted rates.

Corporate Wellness

Pure Nutrition is available for Lunch and Learn seminars for businesses.  Sample topics include Losing Weight Safely and Healthfully (and Keeping it off for Good), Heart Health, Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, Eating Mindfully and Stress Management.  Custom Programs also available.  See Corporate Wellness Brochure for details.  We can also provide individual nutrition counseling to your employees on-site.  This helps employees with support and accountability to help them reach their specific health goals.  Employee wellness programs offer substantial long-term cost savings.  

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