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Pure Nutrition LLC is dedicated to helping you reach your personal health goals by making small changes that can make a big difference.  Enjoy food while improving your energy levels and living life to the fullest.

We provide individual counseling sessions and group wellness seminars. Personalized and flexible meal plans can be provided to fit your lifestyle. We offer nutrition counseling for:

◆ Weight Management

◆ Diabetes Management

◆ Cardiovascular Disease / Hypertension / High Cholesterol 

◆ Chronic Kidney Disease

◆ Metabolic Syndrome / Pre-diabetes / PCOS

◆ Hypoglycemia

◆ Pregnancy

◆ Bariatric Surgery 

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In addition, custom programs include:

◆ Pantry Makeovers

◆ Grocery Store Tours

◆ Corporate Wellness Workshops

Reach your Goals!!

Pure Nutrition can help you reach your weight loss goals by providing individualized nutrition therapy.  Permanent weight loss is achieved through permanent lifestyle changes.  Therefore, we do not advocate restrictive diets that make you feel deprived and unhappy.  You should enjoy the food you eat.  We can show you how to make more healthful food choices that will make you feel satisfied and improve your energy levels so that you can live life to the absolute fullest.  We take into account your personal preferences and lifestyle and provide nutrition advice that is based on scientific evidence, not trendy food faddism that leaves you confused and frustrated.   

Weight loss is not a matter of will power but more a matter of skillful planning that is based on smart choices and intuitive eating, listening to your body and trusting that you are in control of food, not the other way around.  Initial measurements are taken including percentage of body fat, abdominal circumference, and body mass index.  Realistic health goals are determined by you, and we assist you in realizing your full health potential so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good.  This will help you to reduce your risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and certain cancers.  


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